5 Reasons why Africa By IncubMe is the best program for your startup

There are a lot of incubators and incubation programs out there, who offer a variety of services and advantages. Some focus on the experience, others on getting you exposure, others might even go through the struggle of finding you good funding to help you launch. The services differ but one thing they all have in commun is that none is free, and there’s always a payback from your behalf.

So unless you are ready to split your idea’s profit before it is even generated, you are not going to be very satisfied with an incubator.

This is where AfricaxMEA by incubMe comes, In addition to providing all the necessary services such as, coaching, workspace, tools, exposure, full accomodations, we even take our participants on vacations and on site visits. 

Here’s why Africa is the best program

And Yes you read That right, Africa is 100% equity free, meaning your idea and any generated profit from it is 100% yours and we take no interest. But wait! That’s not the only big advantage Africa is offering you, Here are the 5 reasons why Africa is the best incubation program for your idea/ startup:

  1. EXPERT COACHING: Proper coaching in the subjects of finance, marketing, management, leadership, are vital to every startup company and idea holder, Africa is aware of that, and we provide professional training offered by giants in the industry, such as Nestle, Roche, Société Générale, Djezzy and others.
  2. FULL ACCOMMODATIONS: At Africa we understand how important comfort and food are to our participants which is why we made sure to provide full accommodations offered by the Superior School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. 
  3. EXPOSURE: Nobody is interested in a service they don’t know about, if they’ve never heard of your solution they will never use it. Africa has many solutions to that, the biggest one is the fact that Africa is a televised program.
  4. NETWORKING: Africa is a program sponsored by giant companies in many industries. During the program the participants are invited to private events where they get to meet and network with potential partners.
  5. EQUITY FREE: As mentioned before, all of the services listed above are 100% free and Africa takes no equity.

How does it work exactly?

I’m sure you are wondering “How does it work exactly?” Well Africa is a pan african; and starting this year, a middle eastern incubation program, with the primary objective of encouraging African and middle eastern entrepreneurs and project holders to innovate and implement their ideas in the real world. 

 Application is possible in two forms:

  • Open innovation: where applicants propose solutions to existing problems proposed by Africa partners
  • Independent projects: where applicants can work on developing their own ideas.

After the applicants choose the type of project they want to work on, a committee of carefully selected professionals conducts the selection process during which the most eligible are selected.

The selected participants immediately start working on their projects following a thorough planning put together by the Africa team. By the end of the program every participant will have reached a ready to launch stage of their project, with possible fundraising conducted by the Africa By incubMe team.

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