IncubMe is a Pan-African incubator founded in 2018 by Algerian entrepreneurs with the mission of supporting project leaders by providing the ideal environment in which one can materialize their ideas and create their businesses.


IncubMe offers advice, guidance, recommendations and makes them benefit from new, formative and inspiring experiences. They will be followed, guided and encouraged in their most strategic decision-making.

  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Accompaniment
  • Advising
  • Follow-Up
  • Fundraising


Grow and hatch business ideas in Algeria

The principle is to select young and innovative projects in order to provide them with:

  • accompaniment,
  • advice
  • follow-up on plans (technical, material/logistics, administrative, etc.)

Since it is part of the globalization of ideas and projects, IncubMe has been created according to international standards.

Thus, the incubated start ups are selected on criteria taking into account the interest of openness to the world, whether for the product, the service or the entrepreneurial approach they are considering.

Startups and idea holders supported by IncubMe have access to major economic events (conferences; symposium), sources of inspiration and motivation, and which allow them to stay informed of what can be realized in the world.

The objective is to generate momentum, interactions and to disseminate in people’s minds a global vision of modern entrepreneurship.

Given the total free support for startups throughout the incubation period, a retro-cession of a portion of the company’s capital, once created, will be required for the benefit of IncubMe (proportion not exceeding 20 percent).