AfricaxMea By IncubMe launches a vlog series

The Africa By IncubMe xMea team is launching a VLOG series in Algeria. The purpose of this series is to document the The evolution of the startups that are joining the program from Africa and the Middle East, and make it available to the public.

In this vlog series. The viewers will learn about the  entrepreneur’s journey, the challenges that come with it, and how the selected startups handle it.

Documenting a warrior’s journey

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. You have to be committed, passionate and willing to take risks. Some of the questions entrepreneurs face is: Am I willing to face rejection in my business? Will others help me or hinder my progress? Is it easier to run a business with somebody else rather than doing it all on your own? If you’re thinking about starting your own business, then this vlog series is for you. In this vlog series, we will cover topics from setting goals and creating marketing plans through everything from finance and accounting as we get closer to the end of the program.

The vlog series wishes to capture and highlight the most important parts of this journey. The vlog series will be continuous much like a reality tv show, where all the aspects of entrepreneurship are documented, the good exciting ones, and the challenging depressing ones. Moreover these vlog series will be presented by the dahmani twins, two young girls from Mostaganem Algeria, who love creating content and are extra fond of entrepreneurship.   

Vlogging is a great way to understand entrepreneurship and how it can help you in your personal and professional life. The Dahmani twins talk about the experience of type startups and how they’re overcoming obstacles with positivity, determination, and grit.

Follow the vlog series that documents the evolution of our startup

InucubMe x MEA is a 4-months long event that brings together entrepreneurs and startups from all over the world, to learn how they can help each other succeed. The goal is to build an ecosystem where everyone learns from each other’s experience, build relationships and create collaborations.

The entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force for change and progress. That’s why we’re raising our voices to encourage entrepreneurs who have already started in their career and are now ready to build something new from scratch. Africa and Middle East countries have been the home of many successful entrepreneurs on the ground. And the program wishes to shed light on this fact and encourage others to dare and innovate

The ultimate goal of this program is to help young entrepreneurs and startups become more competitive in their field by learning from the experiences of others.If you want to get behind the scenes of mentoring/coaching sessions, be a part of our community and learn about entrepreneurship, then Subscribe to our Youtube channel for the latest updates.

What type of content are you going to be watching ?

The vlogs’ duration does not exceed 15minutes, but they are packed with content ! Some of the things you will watch in the vlog serious are :

  • Coaching of the startups
  • Visits to our partners
  • startups pitching 
  • Team activities between the staff and startups
  • birthday parties
  • game nights 
  • Participation in events 

And that’s not all of it. Make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel, for now here is a little teaser 😉  

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