The ambassadors program brings together innovators and change makers to promote a synergetic entrepreneurial ecosystem and prepare youth for the future of entrepreneurship.

Program Goals

  • Develop a young adults who have a strong sense of change, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Promote mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration between the two ecosystems, Africa and the Middle East.

Take part in the  ambassadors program and you’ll have the chance to :

  • Participate in exclusive events
  • Meet our international startups
  • Gain exposure through our activities
  • Get access to potential collaboration between ambassadors
  • Get an ambassador certificate

and much more!

In-Person Ambassadors program :

In-Person Ambassadors participants will engage in :

  • Group trips
  • Volunteering work
  • Networking events 

Virtual Ambassadors Program:

Virtual Ambassadors participants will engage in :

  • Virtual events
  • Volunteering work
  • Potential visit to Algeria to meet our startups and coaches

Who can participate :

   Countries from :

  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Mediterranean countries

Participation criteria :

  • Must have the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Be Between the ages of 18 and 30
  •  Active on social media, preferably have more than 5k followers on social media
  • Spread the word about the Africa by IncubMe program and talk about your interaction with IncubMe through social media/ blog