IncubMe & SLB Partner up for the newest Hub of Excellence in Ouargla

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We are delighted to announce the partnership between IncubMe, the Pan-African incubator, and SLB, the global technology company. This exciting collaboration aims to establish the first Hub of Excellence in the city of Ouargla, Algeria. The hub's primary objective is to support national and local entrepreneurs, foster innovation, and promote job creation. This partnership agreement was signed on June 26, with esteemed guests including Mr. Redha Kelkouli, General Manager of SLB in North Africa, Mr. Adel Amalou, Co-founder and General Manager of IncubMe, and Her Excellency Mrs. Elisabeth Moore Aubin, the United States Ambassador to Algeria.

IncubMe x SLB Partnership signing

Creating a Complete Ecosystem for Startups and Innovation

The Hub of Excellence in Ouargla will serve as a vibrant center for innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. It will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a conducive environment and essential resources to launch their startups. The hub will house an incubator, a co-working space, an exhibition and event area, a podcast studio, and more. This comprehensive ecosystem aims to fuel the growth of startups and contribute to the overall development of the region and the country.

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Project Holders:

Through tailored incubation programs, advanced training opportunities, and diverse events, the Hub of Excellence will facilitate the growth of expertise in technology, energy, and agriculture. The goal is to foster inclusive innovation by supporting local talents and projects, the hub will contribute to the development of a robust ecosystem in the energy and technology sectors, leveraging the abundant resources present in the southern region of Algeria.

Promoting Sustainability and Women in Engineering

As part of this partnership, three projects led by young women have been selected for incubation. These projects focus on sustainable development, particularly in the areas of circular economy and water resource protection. The selection was made through the "North Africa EnergyTech - Women in Engineering" program initiated by SLB. This program aims to empower female entrepreneurs and engineers with innovative projects addressing the challenges of energy transition. These projects will be part of the first batch of startups incubated at the new structure in Ouargla.

Women in Engineering winner

Contributing to National Investment and Sustainable Value Creation:
SLB and IncubMe share a common ambition to contribute to the national effort in terms of investment and sustainable value creation. The partnership seeks to support job creation, promote innovation, and empower local entrepreneurs. By establishing the Hub of Excellence, both organizations aim to foster economic growth, strengthen the energy and technology ecosystem, and nurture a thriving startup culture in Algeria.

The partnership between IncubMe and SLB marks a significant milestone in the journey toward supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation in Algeria. The establishment of the first Hub of Excellence in Ouargla reflects the commitment of both organizations to empower local talents and contribute to the development of a robust ecosystem in strategic sectors. This partnership is poised to transform Ouargla into a hub of technological excellence and innovation, unlocking new opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and driving sustainable economic growth.