The launch event of Africa by IncubMe x MEA

What is Africa by IncubMe x MEA?

The Africa by IncubMe x MEA program aims to bring together entrepreneurs, idea holders and the wider startup community, with a particular focus on Africa and the Middle East.

The program is free and  will include workshops, pitching and networking opportunities for African and Middle Eastern startups. The IncubMe team will also be providing business consultancy services to startups that are interested in increasing their market penetration. This includes services like legal advice,business development assistance or even business creation advice!

The program has two categories:

Open Innovation: are problems raised by our partners in specific sectors, That eventually you have to find the solution for.

Independent Projects: are all the projects in different sectors and domains

Who participated in the launch event of Aftica by IncubMe x MEA?

The launch event took place on Friday, April 15th, 2022, at the CIC (International Conference Center) and it had more than 200 guests.

where several Ministers has attended the event :

Along side with our dear partners :

Djezzy, Castel, Cisco, Nestlé 

Société générale Algérie, BH Advisory, Swiss Embassy, Roche

the goal of this event was to celebrate the launch of it second edition Africa by IncubMe x MEA, this year’s edition has a much larger scale, adding more colors and cultures, Africa and the Middle east in one country Algeria.

What is Africa by IncubMe’s x MEA program mission?

Support African and Middle Eastern entrepreneurs:

  • The program aims to support the African and Middle Eastern entrepreneurs

Promote African and Middle Eastern entrepreneurs:

  • Through our international program Africa by IncubMe x MEA we are aiming to promote African and Middle eastern startups, entrepreneurs and idea holders.

Link two different ecosystems in one country Algeria:

  • The startup ecosystem is a collection of people, organizations and environments that encourage and help startups to be successful. That’s why, one of our missions is linking these two ecosystems, Africa and the Middle East.

Hadjer Belkacem.

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